Team Captains

Vincent Buccigrossi '11

Dylan Gallagher '12

Andrew Buchanan '13

Nicholas Battaglia '14

Daniel Krute '15

Connor Rivera '16

Jon Zebrowski '17

George Angiola '18

Trent Tighelaar '19

Jake Cerami '20

TBD '21

Traditions & Awards

Novice Pins


First Awarded: Spring 2011

Saint Joseph Crew presents novice pins to those members of the novice squad who demonstrate an unbridled enthusiasm for rowing, a high degree of motivation to learn and embrace the spirit of Saint Joseph Crew. The novice pin is worn on the lapel of a blazer or on the left collar of a shirt.  

Blessing of the Fleet


Last Held: February 2019

The Blessing of the Fleet is an age-old maritime tradition. Rowing shells may be added to the fleet, Christened with a new name, and clergy offer a prayer for a safe and competitive season. Student-athletes, families, alumni and coaches are in attendance. 

Marathon Row


The marathon row is the capstone to the spring and fall racing seasons. The spring marathon row is completed on the water and is "Brick Factory & back" in team boats while the fall marathon row is an individual time posted on rowing machines. 

Four Year Seat Award


First Awarded: Spring 2015

Saint Joseph Crew presents the Four Year Seat to those athletes whose determination, perseverance, resilience and commitment of those oarsmen who have competed with Saint Joe’s Crew for four or more years have not gone unnoticed. Recipients of the Four Year Seat leave a legacy for younger crews to strive for. 

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